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Flooring - Laminate and Hard Wood

Floor Replacement
replace wooden flooring

It might simply be a case of replacing some rotten floor boards or laying a whole new wooden floor, whatever the work required you can be sure of a professional service.

My experience at laying and replacing existing flooring means you'll have a job you will be satisfied with and one that will last a long time.

Whenever replacing parts or whole flooring in older properties I automatically treat the under joist and surrounding area with wood treatment ensuring that bugs and beetles can not survive.

Laminate Flooring
laminate flooring in Lincoln

Many homeowners are choosing to install laminate flooring in their homes because it provides the look of hardwood floors without the huge price tag that real hardwood floors bring.

Laminate floors are made from purely synthetic materials or a combination of synthetic and natural materials. The finish is that of a decorative material.

When considering laminate flooring it is essential to think about what area you wish to laminate and the wear particular room will have, if a hallway, then hard wood flooring would be better as this receives most walk-though traffic. Bathrooms and kitchen require special flooring. Please call me to discuss the options that best suit your needs.

Hardwood Flooring
hardwood flooring Lincoln

Most people don’t know that hardwood flooring also keeps its value, and actually adds to the value of your home. A recent National Survey discovered that homes with wooden flooring actually sell faster than those without and often sell with a higher price tag attached.

If your concerns lie in hygiene, you will also be happy to know that hardwood floors are much more hygienic than carpeted floors. Advances in finishing means that wooden floors now require less sweeping and vacuuming as well as naturally attracting less dust and allergens, making hardwood flooring the best possible choice for a healthy home.

Please call me to discuss options on hardwood flooring.